How do people with different body types lose weight?”

How do people with different body types lose weight?”

Does Weight Loss Depend on it?

Our body types don’t only determine the way we look; instead, they also offer great insights about how

our bodies react to what we eat, our sympathetic nervous system, and hormonal characteristics.

Therefore, one can say that our physique can be linked to the differences in our metabolic rates too.

This answers the question, “why does only one person lose weight among the two while following the

same eating habits and physical routines?” Based on one’s body type, every individual adjusts their own

nutrient intake to maximize composition and accomplish other health-related goals.

In this blog, we are going to look at the 3 different body types and will learn how they can maintain a

healthier lifestyle by losing weight.

The Ectomorph

They are naturally thin and lean. No matter what they consume, they will still remain slim. The only

downside for people with this body type is that they also tend to have low muscular strength, and

gaining muscle is almost impossible for them. Here are their characteristics;

 Naturally thin

 Fast metabolism

 Small joints

 Find it difficult to gain weight

 Possess lower strength levels

 Are naturally overactive

An ectomorph needs to consume moderate amounts of proteins, approximately 25-30 g/meal, along

with quality fats and carbohydrates. They are also advised to drink tons of milk every day. A hearty

breakfast is enough to the keep them on their toes all day long. They can intake as many afternoon

snacks as they want to, but it is best to take a light dinner.

The Mesomorph

Let’s just say that they are the ones who are really blessed. We all love to hate them only because we all

want to be like them. Their distinctive characterizes will make you hate them more, which include:

 Naturally well-built

 Broad shoulders

 Naturally lean

 Lose fat easily

 Fast-burning metabolism

 Gain strength and muscles easily

In case they have gained weight after a few festive meals, they need to consume moderate

carbohydrates with good quality fats. They can also lose weight via exercising and if that is not possible,

they can simply have green tea and see the magic happen. Moreover, they don’t have to avoid evening

and pre-dinner snacks.

The Endomorph

Losing weight is immensely hard whereas gaining and storing it isn’t. Endomorphs have sluggish

metabolism and therefore, must keep a strict note of all that they are consuming. Some notable

characteristics include:

 Naturally overweight

 Slow metabolism

 Insatiable appetite

 Easy weight gain

 Difficulty losing weight

 A muffin top around the waist.

 Sensitive to carbohydrates

 Have a pear or round shaped body, in general

Having a type of metabolism that rarely forgives, they are destined to be obese or overweight. Their

bodies don’t tell them to move more, which is the primary reason for excess fat in their bodies. To lose

weight, they need to indulge in high-intensity exercise routines and practices, such as CrossFit and HIIT.

Moreover, such people need to keep a check on their carbohydrate intake and opt for more protein-

based diets to maximize their body composition and also to control their sugar and insulin levels. If

exercises can’t be incorporated, they must take breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up and skip any

afternoon snacks they might be taking.

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