Sheila Boyer

Sheila Boyer

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SlimGeneration’s Science Changed Sheila’s Life

It is very hard to write a short, sweet version of what you want to say when your life has been changed so much. …..”I never had a weight problem growing up and was fortunate enough to be able to eat what I wanted without any exercise. After having my children and growing older, things began to shift and my weight started to go higher and higher each year.

I tried numerous fad diets, weight loss shakes & pills thru the years. I was always looking for that magic pill or holy grail of weight loss. Any weight loss “success” I had was never long term and I always ended up gaining back the weight I lost and much more.

After seeing a friend and her transformation with SlimGENEration, I decided if I tried it, I would have nothing to lose but weight. My weight had gotten to an all time high and every time I thought I wouldn’t go any higher on the scale, I did. If I didn’t do something now, who knows how much I could end up weighing?

SlimGENEration has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. In 5 months, I have lost 37 lbs. and over 42 inches. I feel so empowered with the weight loss and gains in my health that I have had! I have more energy and I no longer carry the burden of feeling ashamed or embarrassed about how I look. I never have to be overweight again and I never will be again! SlimGENEration helped me find my true self again and I am so happy!”- Sheila Boyer

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