Matthew Phillips

Matthew Phillips

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Lose 28 Pounds

Slimgeneration science helped Matthew Phillips Lose 28 Pounds


When I first came to Jessica and SlimGENEration I hadn’t even stepped on a scale in so long I had no idea how bad things had actually gotten. All I knew is that my waist size had steadily been increasing and I felt tired or sluggish a good majority of the time. I had tried to lose weight off and on over the past few years but without any real strategy, just the general notion of wanting to lose weight and eat better. Of course, without any real strategy or goals I would generally fall back off the wagon within a week or less and once again put off losing weight until another day. After seeing recent pictures of myself and how disgusted I was with my weight I decided it was time to seek out someone who could really help to give me some kind of strategy and advice on how to lose the weight and become healthier and that’s when I found SlimGENEration.– Matthew Phillips

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