Jayna Frederick

Jayna Frederick

*Individual Results Will Vary Person to Person
Lost 28.5 Pounds

Genetics and DNA based weight loss unlocked Jayna’s code.

I have a three year old granddaughter and I wanted to be able to keep up playing with her. I was having difficulty doing that and I knew I needed to lose weight to play with her.

I have diabetes in my family and I wanted to stop it from happening to me. I’ve tried the HCG diet and would lose weight but once I quit it – it would all just come back. I wanted to try something different.

Slimgeneration helped me find out what foods I can eat and how much exercise I need to do in order to lose weight. It was very interesting how you used my DNA to help loose the weight. I hope to continue what I’ve learned and keep losing weight! –Jayna Frederick

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