Cheryl Young

Cheryl Young

*Individual Results will Vary from Person to Person. [su_spacer]
Cherly Young Down 35 pounds

I don’t feel deprived, hungry, or like I am on a diet! I still eat baked goods while learning to balance everything to my DNA.(Individual Results will Vary from Person to Person)


She is 68 years old and after 50+ years of marriage, cooking for the family she had gain quite a bit of weight. Her medical doctor was not happy with the causes from her weight gain and recommended that she go to SlimGeneration, a weight loss solution that tests your DNA/Genetics to help you lose weight and get healthy again.  After 8 months, I lost 35 pounds of body fat.  I feel better about myself and love all the compliments from friends and family.  My doctors are extremely excited about my weight loss as well.

– Cheryl Young

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