SlimGENEration’s Science is America’s #1 Full Service DNA Based Weight Loss Solution

We offer a scientific approach to weight loss. Our customized plans are easy to follow and you’ll lose weight fast with precision. No Weight Loss Program is the Same! Why? Each weight loss program is custom tailored to the individual. With our science and your DNA we will determine what your one-of-kind body needs to Consume, What Nutrients You Need, & How Your Body Will Respond to Different Types of Exercise.

SlimGENEration will analyze your DNA at one of our many weight loss clinics and will put an end to guessing what foods are “healthy” for you, what exercise is best and what nutrients you need to optimize your weight loss, health and wellness. If we don’t have a location near you yet, no worries! We can serve anyone in the United States with our unique, customized weight loss methods and solutions.

By saving you time, money and wasted effort with a clear and concise personalized scientific weight loss management plan, the professionals at our weight loss management centers are excited to serve you in achieving all of your weight loss and wellness goals.

Countless satisfied patients and clients recommend SlimGENEration as the very best of weight loss management clinics. These are clients that have utilized our cutting-edge treatment methods and scientific testing to not only lose weight, but to become healthier, happier and more confident in life.

Our weight loss centers staff are excited at the prospect of working with you to achieve all your weight loss, fitness and lifestyle goals.

SlimGENEration offers weight loss programs that are unique compared to all the others you have seen. Our scientific approach to weight loss allows us to tailor a program that is specific to your DNA and to your needs, which yields noticeable results.

Here is some key information about how our staff of specialists at our weight loss centers around the country can design customized, efficient programs that deliver consistent results for our clients.

All of our weight loss programs begin with a swab of the inside of your mouth. This painless procedure is done to obtain a sample of your DNA, which tells us key metabolic we need to know about your body and how it responds to certain stimuli related to losing weight.
Unlike other weight loss and diet plans, we use your DNA to profile and analyze your specific genes, and create a customized weight loss management solution just for YOU! Our analysis of these genes will tell us how your body reacts to certain foods, exercise and lifestyle changes along with how it forms habits.
Using this information, our specialists go to work advising you how to eat, what supplements to take and how to go about exercising. Every bit of instruction is intentional, and is made knowing that it will react favorably with your specific genetic makeup.
Most of the clients that implement our weight loss program customized to your DNA shed an average of two to six pounds a week. Our staff supervises the process as you lose the weight and provides regular consultations along the way that are built into your customized solution and program.

Our weight loss centers and science based solutions have made a huge positive impact on a wide variety of people. When you implement our prescribed customized solutions, it will help you not only lose weight but can also lead to an overall happier and healthier life. Take a look at our video overview to learn more!

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