Health Tips

05 Nov You May be Obese Because of Genetics, Not Due to Lack of Willpower, Reveals New Study

Lack of Willpower Is Not Why You Are FatFor decades, we have listened to people and medical experts talk about how the number one reason for being overweight is because people have lack of willpower that is stopping them from changing their condition; and for decades,...

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15 Oct Top Nine Reasons that Your Weight loss Efforts May Be Making You Fatter, Not Thinner

Aamodt states in her fifth reason that diets just do not function in the long run since whenever dieters regain their lost weight, they acquire fat faster than they obtain muscle. At the very same time, the sixth factor Aamodt broke down is that metabolism...

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06 Aug Drink Lots of Water

Drink lots of water! We hear it on radio, television, in newspapers and in magazines. We know60% of the adult body is water and water is vital to our survival. We also know without proper hydrationour bodies fail to work properly. Medical professionals say if...

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