Our Staff

Sarah Ford– Certified Health Coach, Co-Founder, Director of Training and Development. B.S.- General studies with emphasis in Nutrition and Wellness Studies.

Sarah has her Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University and has been involved in weight loss and wellness for over 14 years. Sarah has lost over 45 lbs herself and she has a deep personal passion for helping clients achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. Sarah firmly believes that being overweight is a symptom of many other area’s being off balance in the body and she knows that working with nutrition and wellness from the inside out is the key to losing weight and living a well life. Sarah believes the only real way to lose your weight and maintain it for life is to use a fully customized weight loss solution like SlimGENEration offers.

Lisa Perdue – Certified Health Coach – A.A.S. Health Science, B.S. Nutrition Science, 2015

Lisa has her Associates of Applied Science in Nutrition and Health Science from Kaplan University and is completing her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science, Spring of 2015. Lisa has lost over 35 pounds with the Slimgeneration herself and has a deep passion for helping others achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals. Lisa is a firm believer that without the Slimgeneration program, she would still be struggling with her weight and knows that now that she has the answers, she can maintain this lifestyle and pass on knowledge to future generations to help stop the obesity problem in our country. Lisa acts as Director of Operations and Lead Health Coach for SlimGENEration.

Jessica Ford, Certified SlimGeneration Health Coach

Jessica is passionate about health; nutrition, the prevention of disease and helping others reach their full potential. Jessica had struggled with her weight since high school and only through SlimGeneration was she able to hit and maintain her goals once she understood how her genetics were playing a role in her battle. Recently she became NEI Certified. She is so excited to be one of the experts at Slimgeneration. She states what this company provides for clients is a health coach’s dream.

Shawana Henderson – Certified Health Coach – N.E. Certified

Shawana is certified in neurotransmitters endocrine function she has been in the health field for over 9 years after supporting her husband in his weight loss journey Shawana decided to become a lead health coach with SlimGENEration. Shawana is passionate about helping people lose weight, and getting healthy. Shawana chose SlimGENEration because the weight loss solution is customized and based on our clients DNA. SlimGENEration is truly the best weight loss solution.

Teresa Hughey – Certified Health Coach

Teresa, a student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and volunteers at local food banks to help eliminate hunger and educate the less fortunate on how to “clean” their donation baskets up. Through her own personal battles with weight, autoimmune and inflammation she discovered a passion for nutrition and helping others discover a new lifestyle and find strengths they didn’t know they had. Teresa is believes that proper nutrition, exercise and stress control is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and is confident that the SlimGENEration program takes out the guess work of finding the perfect balance of the three.

Sterling Conkey – Certified Health Coach – N.E. Certified

Sterling is a lead health coach and works with each individual client to allow them to reach their weight loss goals one step at a time. After struggling with her own weight issues for years, Sterling developed a passion for wanting to help others along their weight loss journey. She has been in the weight loss industry for over five years, and believes that genetics is the key to not only losing your weight but keeping it off forever. Sterling feels that when you balance your body and heal from the inside out it takes the guesswork out of weight loss. Leading others in understanding themselves for overall health and wellness is what she enjoys most about SlimGENEration.

Ashley Laskey – Certified Health Coach, N.E. Certified

Ashley is a Lead Health Coach with SlimGENEration and has been in the weight loss and wellness industry for over four years. Ashley comes from a family history of obesity and diabetes and was headed down the same path herself. She was diagnosed with a thyroid condition herself, and decided to get serious about nutrition and wellness. Ashley knows with the specific information that SlimGENEration gets from testing we take all of the guesswork out for our clients and they get REAL results!

Jenna L. – Certified Health Coach

Jenna has her Bachelors of Science in Health Education. She has been in the health and wellness field for 8 years. Jenna fell in love with studying food and how it affects the body when her brother received a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. Her family had to change the way they ate and she actually lost weight during the health change. Jenna loves that SlimGENEration is a DNA based weight loss solution that takes the guesswork out of any lifestyle change. She is ready to help you meet your goals!

Rebecca H. – Certified Health Coach

Becca received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon. At that time she realized that human psychology and health and wellness are the clear foundation for a happy life. After college, Becca earned her 200-hour yoga certification and continued to grow her passion for helping people feel healthier and more vibrant. Being a SlimGENEration coach allows Becca to combine the proven successes from years of weight loss research with her compassionate, determined spirit to give her clients results that last.

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