Our Founders

James Ford– Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A life-long entrepreneur, James began his journey at the early age of 12 years old, running a paper route on Long Island, New York. He learned his first lesson in perseverance through adversity while delivering upwards of 100, seven-pound bundles of newspapers a day on the banana seat of his bicycle, regardless of weather conditions. (The physical exercise didn’t hurt either.) At age 18, he learned to sell Kerosene heaters and, by his early 20s, had become a top salesman. Three decades ago he started his first million-dollar venture selling components to Motorola. In 1994 James invented, patented, and brought to market the world’s first “Soccer Ball Practicing Machine,” landing him on the cover of Sharper Image magazine.


Four years later he was learning servant-based leadership principles while working for Berkshire Hathaway’s Clayton Homes. Quickly promoted to general manager, he relocated to Dallas in order to run a Clayton Home Retail Center. By 2012 he had decided it was time to revolutionize the weight loss industry, and SlimGENEration was born. Share your story with him at james.ford@slimgeneration.com

A certified Health Coach with a background in nutrition, Sarah Ford has been involved in the weight loss and wellness industries for more than 14 years. Having herself lost more than 45 pounds, Sarah has an intimate understanding and personal passion for helping people achieve their weight loss and wellness goals. Sarah firmly believes that being overweight is a symptom of the body’s not being in balance in other areas, and that working with nutrition and wellness from the inside out is the key to losing weight and living life well. The only real way to lose weight and keep it off is through a fully-customized weight loss solution like SlimGENEration offers. Sarah has a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in nutrition and wellness studies from Texas Tech University. Additionally, she is Neurotransmitter and Endocrine certified. Share your story with her at sarah.ford@slimgeneration.com.

Sarah Ford– Certified Health Coach, Co-Founder and Director of Training and Development

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