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What Is The Obesity Gene Map?

What Is The Obesity Gene Map?

According to the research for the Human Obesity Gene Map (.pdf) there are approximately 250 genes linked with obesity in the human genome. The numerous publications report a wide variety of physiological attributes pertaining to obesity such as BMI, body fat mass, percentage of body fat, abdominal fat, fat-free mass, skin folds, resting metabolic rates, plasma leptin levels, and other components of fat distribution and energy balance.

SlimGENEration utilizes a team of dedicated researchers and scientists who stay current in data and trends in obesity. The compilation of data from this team on each polymorphism is used to identify distinctive information in regards to gender, cultural differences and the influence of one polymorphism on another (or others).

Why Did We Choose These Genes And Gene Maps?

Why Did We Choose These Genes And Gene Maps?

After unraveling of the human genome, scientists were able to understand the specific functions of genes in the human body. Genes were categorized into “maps” based on their role and reported relevance to the subject. The genes in the SlimGENEration DNA test are relevant to weight gain, weight loss and overall healthy lifestyle. By knowing the information collected from these genetic variations, you can overcome a genetic weakness, allowing you an opportunity to reach goals, lose weight and be your most fit.

What Is The Difference Between Full Sequence And SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism)

Full RegionSequence/Whole Gene Sequencing is the most comprehensive avenue to get the clear and accurate reading of an individual’s genetic information. It is an investigative and powerful tool that captures all the variations present on the individual’s genetic sample.
However, this reveals billions of bits of information that drive diverse worldwide research on understanding how we are made. We analyze both strands of DNA in Full Region-Sequencing to obtain the targeted SNPs relative to your weight metabolism. Our scientists begin the sample analysis by using the highest quality primers normally reserved for use in whole genome analysis. This yields a more accurate selection of SNP targets for us. Then, we use proprietary computer algorithms to reassemble your gene codes in both directions away from the SNP; up to 120 or more places on either side of the polymorphism.

This assures a 100% accurate report of your unique SNPs. Other labs have a typical error rate of 1-2%, which can lead to great deviations in your final recommendations. We find this unacceptable and have made it a priority to be the leader in genetic accuracy in an industry full of ineffective products.
Please see the images below to visualize how a-SNP is one piece of information that is different from what is expected to be there in respect to the two strands of DNA.

SlimGENEration Unique?

How Is SlimGENEration Unique?

SlimGENEration is providing the most accurate results available for genetic testing. We are able to offer accuracy by:

  1. Full Region sequence vs. SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism).
  2. Clear and Concise Results.
  3. Evaluate polymorphisms (variants) independently and in context to the entire genotype.
  4. Conducting ongoing extensive research and analysis on the genes in the test.
Why Does SlimGENEration Work?

Why Does SlimGENEration Work?

  • Is based on DNA, therefore always relevant to an individual.
  • Evaluated on the reality that everyone is unique.
  • Allows a person to apply personalized scientific information to their life.

SlimGENEration is designed around an individual’s DNA. DNA is made of two long chemical chains consisting of repeated units called nucleotide bases. The double helix shape creates pairs of nucleotides that carry the complete genetic instructions for development and function of life. The bases are translated in the body through the transcription and translation of a genetic language into Amino Acids.

The different possible variations of nucleic acids are called polymorphisms. Each of which creates unique instructions for an individual. We are all unique beings with unique genetic instructions. Some evidence has even reported maternal twins have varying degrees of DNA sequences. We know that what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another, certainly not when it comes to a diet or exercise program. This is cutting edge information about individuals. That we are able to apply now, unlike ever before due to research in the fields of genetics, exercise physiology and nutritional science.

SlimGENEration provides the most accurate and reliable information based upon an individual’s genotype that will ensure each client sees results. The answers to questions people ask about health and nutrition are found in their DNA; different from others, and SlimGENEration is here to find answers and to

  • Understand how the body absorbs and metabolizes fat and carbohydrates
  • Learn the most efficient form(s) of exercise for an individual
  • Understand the best diet plan for an individual
  • Reach and maintain weight loss goals faster than ever before
  • Optimize health and recovery through nutraceutical supplementation
Who Is SlimGENEration For?

Who Is SlimGENEration For?

SlimGENEration is for anyone. Common reasons why people choose SlimGENEration :

  • Overweight or obese clients looking to get healthy and minimize health risks.
  • Professionals athletes wanting to fine-tune their program and improve their performance.
  • A child (age 12+) who is overweight or needs guidance on how to eat and exercise to be healthy and avoid childhood obesity or future health complications.
  • Those spending a considerable amount of time working out without seeing results.
  • Anyone striving for optimal health.
  • Someone who has hit a plateau in weight loss. An exercise program that now fails to yield weight loss results.
  • People who want to lose unwanted weight to gain self confidence, get into smaller size clothes, have more energy, and regain their health and wellness
  • Anyone who wants to uncover and understand their unique DNA roadmap and how their body processes and utilizes nutrition, exercise and herbs and vitamins.
Do you always Recommend Exercise?

We recommend exercise, however it is not required. Exercise is good for your health in general, however some of our clients are unable to exercise and they still lose 2-7 lbs of fat a week. With the Full Region-Sequence DNA test, we will be able to tell you what the best kind of exercise is for YOU specifically and how long you need the exercise and how many days a week you need as well. We take all the guesswork out of what is best for you when you decide to exercise.

How Restrictive is The SlimGeneration Plan:

Our goal at Slimgeneration is to fit your menu plan/ daily intake to your lifestyle and around the foods you like. Using our weight loss solution will enable you to know how many grams of proteins, carbohydrates and fats you need on a daily basis. From there, we coach and guide you into fitting in some of your favorite foods into your daily intake. After all, you need protein, carbohydrates and fats, so we believe you might as well eat what you like. We like to call our weight loss solution- the NO deprivation approach to losing weight.

What Happens if I Don't Live By a Clinic?

We offer a live online remote experience plan.  In some instances, some clients have driven or flown in for the initial consultation and then we serve you remotely.  In other instances, we arrange a time to meet using video conference technology and mail out as needed the testing kits directly to you. We have had client lose 2 to 7 pounds of body fat remotely.

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