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SlimGENEration was designed to provide people with a clear understanding of their DNA with the purpose to help anyone lose weight and simply become more efficient. The genetic test that SlimGENEration performs is an effective tool that provides each individual with information about himself or herself, which has otherwise been challenging to obtain and/or understand. Our program is designed around information obtained from your DNA as identified in the The Human Obesity Gene Map. We’re not an average weight loss clinic. We’ve set the bar when it comes to weight loss!

Our Mission

At SlimGENEration , our mission is to change your health and weight management by performing genetic tests that provide the most accurate information for an individual’s unique DNA. We utilize the most efficient tools known to save time and money so that you are working smart, not hard. We stay current in technology and science and we produce results. Our core value is the absolute reliability of your results, providing them to you in a manner that you will understand and interpret without difficulty, so that you can incorporate that knowledge into your lifestyle immediately. At SlimGENEration, our goal is to change the way that people see health and wellness. We believe that you have a right to your genetic information that opens the door to your optimal health.

Overview of SlimGENEration

Summary of Your Genetic Test

It begins with a simple cheek swab to collect your DNA. SlimGENEration examines four genes directly linked to how the body reacts to food, lifestyle habits and exercise, thus identifying the specific external stimuli required for each individual. From the lab results we gain an understanding of a your body’s metabolic functions. The results provide a clear, unquestionable map of how your body works and directs us to understand what to recommend you eat, the best exercise plan for you, and the supplements to take so that you can be your most fit. SlimGENEration completely eliminates trial and error in an exercise program and nutrition plan.

One size does not fit all

Science has provided ample evidence that one individual does not respond to stimulus the same as another. The genes analyzed have been assigned to the Obesity Gene Map and by knowing the polymorphisms we learn exactly how each individual can maximize their exercise and nutritional efforts. Compliance with our DO, EAT, TAKE protocol will generate results. SlimGENEration is based on science, more specifically, the science of your individual body.

What makes SlimGENEration Different?

Our superior laboratory process, complete analysis and clear presentation set our weight loss management program above any other ‘competitor’ available. For accuracy we perform whole gene sequencing(WGS) rather than identifying one single nucleotide from a SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) analysis. Reports are created from a thorough review of each variation independently and in context with other variations present. Catered to an individual’s genes, results are accessible, easy to understand and contain clear, actionable items and explanations.

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